Monday, 2 January 2017

Dreaming of Writing

Well, that was a first. Last night I had a dream about writing. Not doing it but sitting on a lovely sofa with other writers talking about it and sharing our writing. It was a wonderful and life affirming dream, something I haven't had for a long time. If only I could find a sofa like the one in the dream in real life, it was lush!

When I woke up I wondered what the dream might mean. I'm not usually one for interpreting my dreams but this was most odd. I've never had a dream in any way related to writing before so there must have bene something psychological to trigger it. I guess lately I have been thinking about my writing a little more than usual as I make plan for 2017 so that may be the reason why this dream popped up at this time. Who knows?

But the thing that struck me most about the dream was how lovely and supportive it all was. There was tea and cake, laughter and wonderful words, a warm friendly feeling in the room. And of course that beautiful sofa. The friends I was with were some of the friends I have made through my writing and their blogs but some were people I have not seen before, just phantoms conjured up by my imagination. It was an all women group - hence the cake and laughter - and I felt so blessed to be part of the group.

Part of it made me sad when I thought back to a meeting I wanted to attend but was unable to late last year when I could have met some of those women. But it also made me determined to make sure I met up with them when I have the chance in 2017. The online community we have is strong and supportive but I really want to have a chance to say thank you in person for the strength they have given me as I come out of my cocoon as a writer. Plus there may be cake! Am I obsessing about cake now? I feel a baking day coming on ...

So as the New Year rolls on and we all plan for 2017 I will take comfort in the support of my fellow writers wherever they may be. I will plan for success this year and plan to meet as many of those wonderful women as I can in the coming months. And I will dream of cake, comfy sofas and sharing my writing with friends.

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