Thursday, 29 December 2016

Blog Goals for 2017

So Aby challenged us to post our goals for our blogs now we've completed her course So I'm putting my goals for 2017 here and hope that by doing so it will keep me accountable - feel free to help me with that!

1. My first goal is to blog at least once a day. This seems a lot for someone who is lazy at blogging *waves*. However I have noticed that people who have a successful blog do a lot of posting. If I am to use my blog to promote my novel then I need to improve the audience and the traffic. So I intend to blog more frequently. I have already scheduled some posts for the New Year and have decided on topics for many more posts.

2. I want to have a book review on the blog every month. I enjoy reading and also enjoy reviewing the books I have read. I'm already reviewing on Goodreads so what I need to do is remember to pop a review on the blog when I do one for Goodreads. It will also keep me on track with my reading which is very important for me as a writer. Call it research!

3. I also want to publish more poems on the blog. I tend to write poems in response to a writing prompt like this one but I want to write and publish a poem each month. Writing poetry is something that I enjoy but lately it has taken a back seat to my novel writing so I am challenging myself to write more poems this coming year.

4. Guest posts are something that I want to include. I have never hosted a guest post but I want to do so in 2017. I have a few people in mind to ask and I will do my research before I approach them. I would also like to write a few posts to include on other people's blogs but am unsure about the protocol for asking if I can guest post on someone else's blog. That is something I will check out during January so I can achieve that particular goal.

5. My major goal for 2017 isn't a blogging one. I want to complete, edit and publish my novel. However I want to use the blog to promote it so my goal is to make the blog a great platform for promoting my novel.

So there they are, my blogging goals for 2017. Please help me to stay on track by nagging and asking how I'm getting on.


  1. Good luck with your blog goals. Aby's course was brilliant, I'm sure it will keep you on track!

  2. They are all doable. Good luck with it. Regarding number 1... what I find is if you have good quality content, then posting once or twice a week is enough but my content doesn't always have good quality, that's why I post nearly everyday and it works for me.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Janine. I know what you mean about quality, something I'm certainly striving for in 2017.