Friday, 1 July 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo Day 1

Well despite me not being ready for it July has arrived. This year seems to be whizzing by faster than ever and the lack of summery weather isn't helping. However, today is July 1st and the start of another Camp NaNoWriMo, another chance for me to get into a good writing habit and write 15,000 words during the month.

I thought perhaps if I documented my experiences with Camp NaNoWriMo I'd find it easier to keep on track. I've had a go at NaNoWriMo before but I've never managed to 'win'. This time I've been more realistic about the word count. I'm aiming to write 500 words every day and I think this is achievable. In previous attempts I've set a high word count, fallen behind early on and lost faith in the whole experience. So a lower word count may mean that I can stay on track and manage those 15,000 words.

I've decided to use the time to keep writing the first draft of my novel. It seems to be taking a different direction to the one I had planned but I'm letting it have it's head and I'll worry about it when I come to editing - gosh that sounds like proper writerly stuff, doesn't it?

So here we go with Day 1 and the first 500 words towards the 15,000 and a NaNo win!    

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