Wednesday, 29 June 2016

July CampNaNo

So there's another CampNaNo happening and I'm willing to give it a go. Now I don't have the best record with NaNo - I've tried several times but I've yet to win. I always seem to start well but lose momentum. I also think that with CampNaNo I've chosen a word count that is too high and I've set myself up to fail before I write a single word. This time I intend to set a smaller word count and try to base it on what I think I can write each day. I think 500 words a day is achievable so my total count will be 15,500. That still sounds daunting but if I focus on the 500 per day it doesn't sound so bad.

The one thing I haven't decided is if I'm going to use the time to continue with the novel or start something new. I don't have a specific idea to work on if I go down the new writing route but sometimes it's just good to write and see what happens. Whichever I decide I do need to crack on with the novel. The first draft is a long way off but I'm newly committed to getting it written sooner rather than later.

So there we are, another NaNo adventure about to begin. Check back to see how I get on!

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