Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Which way is the best way?

I've recently subscribed to Mslexia, a lovely magazine for and about women writers. Such a wonderful read and so inspiring. But it's got me thinking and here's where I hope the friendly writing blogger community can help me.

Which is best? To write something specifically for submission or to write loads of things and pick the one that fits? I'm thinking of the competitions and invitations for submission in the back of writing magazines. I'm feeling confident enough to want to submit something but I'm not sure which approach is the best.

It feels that writing something that really fits the criteria for the competition is the way to go but then what if I have something on the old hard drive that may fit the bill: do I give it a polish up and submit it?

So I'm now wondering whether going through the various magazines and plotting my attack is the way to go. I feel like I'm answering my own question here but do feel free to contradict me!  


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  1. Well done on subscribing and deciding to submit. This might seem like odd advice, but I'd say do both! Polish up old things and submit them wherever you think you can. Write something new for any submission calls that appeal to you and submit those too. Don't overthink it - that's a form of resistance in a way. When you're getting over the hump of being nervous about making submissions, it's much more important to do it *a lot* than it is to do it *right*. Good luck!