Thursday, 25 February 2016

Prose For Thought - That Ooops Moment.

This is something I wrote a while ago and was the germ of a story that never saw the light of day. Now I'm starting to plan a real, proper 'novel' I've been looking at some old ideas and decided that this one could do with some light and air.

Sunlight slanted between the curtains and rested across Ellie’s gently fluttering eyelids. A slight headache and dryness in her mouth reminded her that opening a second bottle of wine was never a good idea. The bedroom was slightly too warm; the air heavy and muggy with the smell of wine, pizza and sex. Ellie made a mental note to air the room later.

She stretched, coaxing some movement into her middle-aged limbs. Mid week drinking was always a mistake; now she’d pay for her moment of fun for the rest of the day. Her right arm brushed lightly across a stubbled chin and she felt warm, sleepy breath on her fingers. Rolling over Ellie snaked her left arm over a taut stomach and a muscular chest. A tiny shiver ran through her body; vague memories of last night rose in her mind and she wanted more of the same.

She felt his breathing quicken and a strong had gripped her upper arm and pulled her closer to him. Nestling into his chest, Ellie breathed in the warm smell of his chest. No matter how many times she’d lay like this with him she still felt the same excitement that she had all those years ago when they’d first met. He had been a shy 22 year old trainee teacher and she was in her last year at University. Saturday night in the Student Union bar and he’d flirted awkwardly with her while his friends egged him on and hers rolled their eyes behind his back.

Ellie stretched up and wrapped her arms around his neck, gently pulling him towards her. Her lips searched for his and soon she lost herself in a sleepy yet passionate kiss. She was shocked by the passion; he normally liked to wait until they’d both brushed their teeth! She remembered teasing him about his border-line obsession with hygiene when they were newly married; now she took it for granted. There was certainly no reluctance this morning - perhaps the wine was still working its magic. She felt his body respond to hers and the intensity of his kiss took Ellie’s breath away. Pulling away from him slightly, Ellie rolled onto her back and opened her eyes. Morning sunlight made her squint. As her eyes adjusted to the light she glanced across the bed. Her eyes widened and an involuntary gasp escaped her. Arms casually thrown above his head, a lopsided grin playing across his lips this wasn’t her husband, Mark. It was Leo, her son’s best friend from University.  


  1. Eeeek! Yes I think there's more story here, definitely! #prose4t

    1. Eeeek indeed! There was a whole raft of story that never got told... add it to the To Do pile methinks...

  2. Oh my goodness! I definitely want to know more! I can very much see a story developing from this and I hope to be able to read it. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought :) x