Thursday, 11 February 2016

Prose 4 Thought - The laptop is broken.

The laptop is broken
What can I do?
No Word Doc for me,
It makes me feel blue.

I'm bursting with ideas,
First time for a while.
But I can't type them in
So they can't become a file.

The laptop is broken
I'm feeling bereft and so sad,
Yet I claim I'm a Luddite,
I'm feeling so bad.

The laptop is mended!
Some tape is all it took.
So why am I sitting
And scribbling in this book?

The laptop is mended
But I'm loving paper and ink,
I'm still a bit Luddite,
Old fashioned, traditional I think.

I'm loving my laptop,
Loving my paper too.
So I'm splitting my loyalties,
Ink black or blue?

My handwriting's still awful
But it's individual and mine.
I feel like a real writer
(But not all the time!)

Hello to handwriting,
Welcome back to my muse.
I'm writing more often,
Isn't that the greatest news?


  1. Although I love my laptop, sometimes it is lovely to write things by hand - I wonder if it uses a different part of our creative brain? I've been drawing a lot recently and often write teeny stories to go with the pictures - it's quite nice to see my own handwriting on something other than a shopping list (not that it's particularly legible but, meh). Fab poem! #prose4t

    1. There's something more 'creative' about hand writing. I always feel more connected somehow with what I'm writing. Thanks for your comment and kind words Maddy.

  2. I love to write things by hand but I also love using my computer. I've been writing by hand a lot more lately though - it just feels right

    1. The computer is certainly useful - wouldn't be blogging or linking without it! Thanks for commenting Rebecca!

  3. This is brilliant! And you sound EXACTLY like me - I have this conflict on a regular basis. I still have my scribble book and it brings me so much happiness. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

    1. Thank you Victoria! I find using paper and pen useful when planning my writing - I can't brainstorm on a laptop!