Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Cat Loves A Woolly

As I sit on the sofa, I’d love a kitty cuddle.
But my cats don’t do cuddles.
They treat me with disdain, turn up their little noses,
And refuse to keep me company on the sofa.

 However, if I’m wearing a woolly
The little black cat is in heaven.
She loves a woolly, loves them so hard
She drools, she kneads, she’s in kitty heaven.

As soon as she sees I’m wearing a jumper
Or even a nice knitted cardigan she races, rushes,
Tears across the room and flings herself across my lap.
Then she snuggles down to snooze and dream

Safe and secure on her woolly, her beloved woolly.
If I need to get up from the sofa she clings to the woolly,
Reluctant to leave yet resigned to her fate.
She’s back like a flash as soon as I sit down again!

I know how she feels; I too love a woolly.
The comfort, the warmth, the softness,
Makes me feel so secure and happy,
Kitty-secure in my woolly, my kitty-friendly woolly. 


  1. We all like to be cosy and comfy, even cats :) #prose4t

    1. Nothing beats a cuddle does it? Thanks for stopping by and commenting Sara!

  2. I don't have a cat, but I can see how alluring a woolly jumper can be! #prose4T

  3. It must be tempting just to chuck on a woolly when you want a cuddle!

    1. I have been known to do that Lucy. If only my cats were spontaneous cuddlers ...

  4. Cats really are funny creatures (I mean that in the nicest sense!), ours does not 'do' laps at all but she loves us making a fuss over her. I love this poem. Thank you for linking to #Prose4T