Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I've taken a short break from the blog over Christmas but it felt right to pop in and mark the New Year.

I've read several blog posts summing up the old year and looking forward to 2016; I've read several blog posts setting out resolutions for the coming year. But the posts that have resonated most with me have been of a different kind.

Some people are writing about not setting out goals or resolutions this year. Their reasons for doing this are varied but basically they are opting out of the January nonsense of New Year Resolutions.

I've spent far too much time and thought over the years setting resolutions which have been forgotten or broken by the end of January (if they even lasted that long ...) I dabbled with doing Veganuary where you go vegan for the month of January but the idea of a whole month of oat milk in my tea was too much. I nearly went with the age old ones of losing weight and getting fit but I know that these are ones I've failed at far too often.

Last year I resolved to read a book by a new author each month and although I didn't really keep track I'm sure I managed 12 new authors in 2015. But I have no idea what other resolutions I made so the chances are I failed at those.

And therein lies the problem. I'm fed up with failing. I do it all too often and it knocks my confidence every time. It takes so much energy to build myself back up after a knockdown. So I've decided that I won't so that anymore. And I'm not making any resolutions either as they're just another way to set myself up to fail.

So this year I'm resolving to be kinder to myself, to do things that make me happy, to have a little adventure each month, to enjoy the simple things in life. And if I happen to eat a bit healthier and go to the gym more, then so much the better. But if I don't, so what?

Happy New Year everyone! 

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