Friday, 27 March 2015

Word of the Week

This week my #WOTW is ...


I've been feeling unnaturally tired recently. I thought it had gone away but it's back again this week. It makes no difference how much sleep I get or what quality the sleep is, I just feel bone weary all the time. I'm trying to improve my diet to see if that helps but if not it's back to the Drs and see what he suggests.


  1. Oh no, how very frustrating. Sounds like over and above normal tiredness then. Good idea to look at diet then visit the Drs. Hope you get some answers and feel better soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Appointment booked so hoping for some answers soon. The improved diet has helped me lose a kilo though!

  2. I hope your diet changes makes you feel better. It is so draining to be so overwhelmingly tired. Have you tried an iron supplement in case you are anaemic? I hope you feel brighter soon x #wotw

  3. Oh dear....I hope you are feeling better soon x

  4. Awww hope you will feel better and hope your doctor can help with this! #wotw