Friday, 6 March 2015

The Prompt - Anticipation

Here is the moment, the moment I knew was coming. There is nothing I can do to stop it. It comes at me like a runaway train, no brakes, no slowing. It will hit me and I will be powerless to stop it.
Do I want to stop it? No. I'm embracing it, drawing it closely to me, looking forward to it although I'm scared by the power of it. I have to surrender to it, let it flow over me and drag me under. There is no escape, nowhere to hide. It is coming ...

I've been here before. Each year this feeling begins to build, knowing that the day is approaching when I will face this single moment. I always forget what it feels like, how all consuming it is, how it occupies all my thoughts for days before the event.

I've forgotten what it feels like, how it lifts my spirits on a dull day, how it warms me in its soft, sweet embrace. It feels like so long since the last time. Oh, how I've missed it! How welcome it will be to surrender to it once again.

So here it is. The moment. The glorious moment, long anticipated, finally here. My hands trembles and my heart quickens, a slight flush warming my cheeks.

Time to do it. Time to indulge and enjoy.

Time for the first piece of chocolate since Lent began.


  1. OOH I bet that first piece of chocolate is heavenly.. Enjoy! Great post. Lovely writing! :) #Theprompt

    1. Thank you for your comment Tracy, glad you enjoyed it. Yes that first piece is the best thing I eat all year!

  2. This is wonderful, the words build such anticipation! Definitely indulge and enjoy :) Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

    1. Thanks Sara, such a lovely comment, I'm not used to praise for my writing *blush*