Monday, 24 June 2013

Right, let's try this again!

OK, blog, let's have another go at this!

I'm writing this on the eve of my birthday - not  a big one ending 0 but half way between two big ones.  This has concentrated my mind over the past few days and I've determined to attempt to make some changes to my life.

Now I know what you're thinking - here she goes again, pie in the sky ideas, it'll never come to anything and in a few weeks time everything will be back to normal (damn you little voice in my head!)  This may be true but if I don't try now then I'll never do it.

So here goes nothing.

Firstly I'm going to try and blog at least once a week.  The whole point of starting this blog was to exercise my writing muscles and so far all I've done is let them atrophy.  So I need to be more dedicated to the blog.  As before I wonder who reads these things but then again if I never write anything, who would read it?  So this is the first in a regular series of posts - again I've no idea what I'll write about but that will have to wait for later.  I guess I could just amble on like I'm doing now!

Secondly I'm determined to improve my health.  I've started reading about the 5:2 fasting diet and I'm thinking that I'd like to give it a go.  I also need to improve my fitness and am investigating the possibility of re-joining the gym my OH goes to.  I belong to a local gym but I'm so bad at going and get so bored.

Thirdly I've decided that I'm not going to buy any new clothes for the next year - I'm going to make any that I need (with the exception of underwear and socks)  I've not made any clothes for a few years but I'm armed with patterns and fabric and have some trousers ready to go.  I've got  a lust for a dressmakers dummy but the price is a little high at the moment.

Lastly I'm going to attempt to get my writing back on track and see if I can make some money out of it.  This will mainly consist of writing educational resources but I also wan to finish the novel that's sitting unloved on the laptop.   So feel free to ask how it's going and I may even pop the odd extract on here if I feel brave!

So there are my intentions.  If all goes to plan I'll be back blogging soon and sharing the joys of taking life by the scruff of it's neck and shaking!   

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