Friday, 28 June 2013

Fabric & Good Intentions

I've been buying fabric today - a lovely summery yellow floral print which I intend to make into a skirt.  First things first, I've got to cut out the pieces for a pair of trousers I've been planning for a while.  I'm still slightly worried about the zip - I've never fitted a zip before.  If it all goes wrong I'll use Velcro ... or press studs - does that age me?

I've also been going through my stash of fabric and have found an almost finished cross stitch project which will make a lovely gift for one of my #Post Circle friends; I'll hopefully finish that off this weekend.  There is also a cross stitch kit which I don't remember buying which I can get on with ... but first I must try to learn a new crochet stitch - I don't want to be stranded only knowing chain stitch and double stitch!

Today has been drizzly and dull but strangely humid - what is happening with the British summer?

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