Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gym bunny!

Well it's happening.  I have an appointment to re-join  my old gym today.

Now there was nothing wrong with the new gym, I just got bored with it.  There was a limited number of things to do - that's what they market themselves on, the quick workout - and while I could see the attraction, I started to make excuse not to go because I wanted some variety.

The old gym has all the whistles and bells; treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines etc and there are also classes you can do.  I'm not planning on taking any classes yet as I feel I need to improve my fitness first.  Can't imagine anything worse than being the fat, unfit bird at the back, puffing and groaning through a class!

I've also treated myself to a new pair of dressmaking scissors - what a rock and roll lifestyle I lead!  The old pair were getting a bit blunt - think they'd been used to cut paper - so I decided that before I start dressmaking again I should invest in some new scissors so I can at least cut fabric with confidence.

Today is beautifully sunny with the trees full f happy birds (good thing Pixie is asleep upstairs!) and I'm thinking that lunch in the garden might be nice - pitta and dips anyone?

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