Friday, 11 March 2016

Word of the Week - Writer

Well, that was one heck of a week!

I've spent a lot of time recently planning a 'book' - I've already mentioned my fear of the 'N' word. However this week I've been pondering what it means to be a writer.

It's a bit scary for me to use this word in conjunction with myself. Somehow a writer is a special sort of  person, someone who works at the craft of writing, someone who spins tales with words. I'm not sure that I see myself as that sort of person, yet there are so many people telling me that I am a writer that this week I did something really brave and a bit scary.

I told two people at the gym that I was writing a book! I just opened my mouth and said that's what I was doing. And neither of them laughed! In fact one of them said they wondered when I'd get round to writing a book as they knew how much I read so it made sense to write one!

So does this make me a writer? I guess the short answer is it must do. After all, I'm writing something, aren't I? I'm still not sure that deep down in my heart I think of myself a as writer yet but maybe once I really get stuck into writing this 'book' I will. One day I'll just casually say 'Me? Oh. I'm a writer' and that will make it so.      


  1. Yes! I think as you're writing, you are a writer! That was a brave thing, and the more you say it, maybe the more you'll believe in yourself. Happy writing! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Thanks Jocelyn! I agree, I need to say it more so that I believe it myself.