Saturday, 12 September 2015

Saturday Style - Hair Matters!

So I finally got round to making and appointment and getting a hair cut. It was well overdue; I'm so bad at scheduling these things that it's only when my hair is drooping in my eyes and as flat as the proverbial pancake that I do something about it.

Here's the evidence of how bad it got

Yet again a dreadful picture taken in the cloakroom mirror!

So there was a sense of urgency about getting something done before my holiday. Also I always enjoy the ritual of having my hair done - having someone wash my hair is wonderful and always makes me feel spoiled.

I wanted something different as well. This is always a traumatic moment for me - having made the decision to change my hairstyle I then need to decide what I want done that's different. I usually leave it up to my long-suffering hairstylist Gill to suggest something. She's very good at interpreting what I want without any clear instructions from me - this time I said 'I want it zhuzhed up', make of that what you will! So I sat back and allowed her to do her magic and tidy up the mess I'd cultivated on my head over the past few months.

And this is where I am now...

I apologise for the silly face but I was trying to instruct my son on the art of taking a flattering picture. Plus I hate having my picture taken so I'm always really self conscious. I need to find a pose and an expression that makes me look less as if I'm a raving loony!

So a good tidy up and some of the heaviness taken away and I'm happy with it. And the new, edgy look I was going for? Maybe next time, when I've thought about it a bit more...

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