Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Back from a hiatus...

I've recently returned from a week away, so apologies for everything going quiet on here. I promised myself that I'd be more organised so I should have arranged some message to let the blogosphere know I was away but that proved to be far more organised than I was being. I blame having to pack and make sure tickets and passports were to hand but that's probably just an excuse. I wasn't organised again so Mea Culpa. 

Today should have been a post about reading and/or writing but I have nothing prepared. I did finish a Sherlock Holmes story and start reading The Iliad while on holiday but have nothing to say about them yet.

As for the writing - well I didn't do any while away but I did do a lot of thinking about writing. I guess this is all part of the process; I've been finding it hard to get inspired lately and have nothing bubbling away at the moment. This has worried me a little; I'm used to having ideas brewing most of the time, even if most of it doesn't amount to anything. Someone suggested some writing  exercises so I think I'll investigate those over the next week. Anything to get me writing again, I miss it so much!

I'm also thinking that I spend too much time faffing about. You know, that pointless muddling along that gets nothing done at all. I'm an expert at it and should it ever become an Olympic sport I'm a dead cert for a medal! This means that time passed and I spend too much of it each week lamenting all the things I meant to do but didn't. Because I was faffing, you see. So I'm trying to think of ways to cut down on the faffing and increase the amount of actual stuff I get done.

So there you are, I'm back and as confused about everything as ever. The break seems to have done me no good at all...  

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