Monday, 2 June 2014

Good Intentions

Well I managed to miss the last day of #BEDM!  Well done me!  I don't think I made every day but I did as well as I hoped.  The prompts were helpful but I went my own way some of the time, especially after I re-vamped the blog.

Today I hope to get myself organised  and have a productive day.  I have some writing to do which I hope will prove to be good enough for publication on an educational website I've written for in the past.  So bring on Anita & Me!

I'm also doing some writing for my other blog using a writing prompt.  This is a new departure for me as I've never tried to do a piece of writing daily using a prompt.  I'm hoping that my writing muscles will get a good workout and this will propel me on to greater things.  Good grief that sounds pretentious!  You know what I mean though, right?

I'm heading to the gym again this evening to work on my new training programme.  I'm not a natural gym bunny bot I do know the value of getting fitter, so I soldier on.  It's always nice to stop though!

By the end of this week I hope the new organised state will be feeling normal and routine.  Then I can have a positive word for Word of the Week for the second week running.  At this rate I won't recognise myself by the end of June! 

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