Sunday, 20 April 2014

Soft Skin Loveliness

I don't do beauty posts - mainly because I have such a chaotic beauty routine, partly because nothing I've done has made me beautiful!  However, last night I tried a new product that blew my mind.

Here it is ...

 It's Superdrug's Anti-Ageing Moisture Face Mask & it's brilliant!
My skin has been suffering lately - really dry, flaky & looking 'greyish'.  All part of ageing as far as I can gauge but not something that I'm enjoying. Nothing I've tried has made any real difference to it & I'd more or less resigned myself to having 'problem skin' most of the time.  It did seem to improve on the few occasions I had a professional treatment but who can afford one of those too often - apart from A-listers & Kardasians!
So when I saw these little packs in Superdrug I thought I'd give them a try, especially as they are only 99p at the moment & on a 2 for 3 offer!
The mask itself is really creamy which was a surprise.  Previous masks I've tried have been gel-like which peel off like a second skin or thick clays that dry to a hard mask   This stayed soft & creamy on my skin. When it was washed off my skin felt soft & moisturised which is what the  pack promised!  But even better than that my skin was still soft this morning.  Today, instead of needing several applications of moisturiser, one light application is all my skin has needed.  Several hours after moisturising & my skin still felt wonderful!  Such a joy! I also felt that some of my fine lines were smoothed & my skin felt fuller, 'plumped' & younger with a better skin tone than it has had lately.  Win win!
Needless to say I will be using this product again, at least once a week but definitely every time my skin feels in need of a pick-me-up.

These are my own personal opinions & not influenced by anyone else, certainly not Superdrug!

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