Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Finally writing about Abingdon!

It occurred to me yesterday that, although I called this blog after my home town, I've not written about Abingdon yet.  So I'm going to address that this month.  I want to write a serious of posts about Abingdon to give you a taste of what it's like to live here and what 's going on.

Abingdon is a small market town in South Oxfordshire and at one time was the county town of Berkshire.  Now it's part of Oxfordshire albeit a rather southern outpost of the county.

I thought I'd start with my own little part of Abingdon, namely my house and garden!

We live in the north of Abingdon on the site of the old Warren Hospital - sometimes I bump into folk who were born in the hospital or had their children there which is spooky!  Our house is a 4 bed detached, simple and compact, just about big enough for the 3 of us (I'd like it to be bigger but it isn't so that's that!)

  This is a view of the rear of the house - see what I mean?  A normal, standard house, no frills here folks!

This is the view down the garden towards the shed - lovely!  As you can see I'm no gardener!  Every year I vow to clear and sort the garden and every year I fail.  Things burst into life and flower, some are even plants rather than weeds, so I leave well alone and vow to be better next year!  I also tell myself that the cats like the wild, jungle look.  Well. I can't upset the cats, can I?

  This little, out of focus fellow is chomping his way through some unidentified plants in the garden.  He's brought lots of friends with him and I hope that this means there'll be loads of butterflies later in the year.

I've also got plenty of snails munching on the rosemary.  I'm a fan of slugs and snails and have no problem with them making themselves at home in my garden.  I've never used a slug pellet since an A level Biology field trip when we counted and identified slugs on the Long Mynd.  They're fascinating creatures and I like to watch them and feel them slither over my hand - does that make me weird?

So that's my little corner of Abingdon.  Next mission is to visit and photograph some of my favourite bits of Abingdon and share them here.

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