Tuesday, 16 July 2013

So, how's it going?

Well, July is sliding away and I've been a bit out of touch with the blog recently.

The gym is going well - I'm managing to go 5 times a week and last week did my first spin class - jelly legs afterwards but I survived!  I'm even doing another one this week.

I'm not doing so well on the dress making - fabric bought, some cut out but so far no actual sewing - must get the machine out and get going.

I've found a pattern for a cotton knitted top that I like so I may get the wool for that - another project to start which pushes all the others further back!  I love staring new projects but am less keen on finishing existing ones!  I've still to buy the frame for the cross stitch I finally finished so I can send it to my Twitter #Postcircle friend!

Loving the sunny weather; less keen on the humid nights!

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