Monday, 1 July 2013

Enter the gym bunny!

I've attended my first gym session & got a new programme sorted out.  It's manageable but makes me sweat - which I suppose is the point although not very attractive!

I'm no nearer deciding what to do about the sewing - I'm still worried about the fit of the trousers so moving on to the skirt seems more sensible but it smacks of my old habit of leaving a project half finished!  I've also found a neat 'pattern' for an idiot proof top which I'll tackle when I have made the skirt. It's basically sewing a square - how hard can that be.  If you're lucky I'll pop a picture up when I've done the skirt so you can all have a laugh!

Tomorrow I'll be spending several hours at the gym so will be able to get some writing/work done.  Depending on which computer I take this will either be resource writing or some more work on the half finished novel.  Heaven knows what state that's in after being so shamelessly ignored since November! 

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