Monday, 13 March 2017

#writingmojomarch - Reconnecting and Sharing the Love

It's always daunting when sitting down to write about something or someone I love. I hope that the people in my life who I love know it. I hope that they know how much I appreciate what they do for me and how much they enhance my life. I try to remember to tell them often how much they mean to me, I hope that's enough.

So what can I chose to write about? What brings joy to my life and gets told so far too little?

Over the years several small furry creatures have lived with us and I have loved each of them to the moon and back. I am a sucker for furry ears, a tiny tail and snuffly kisses. I can't imagine my life without cats.
The first cat in my life was called Puss. I was a tiny child, named the cat in my childish fashion. I have no memory of that cat or the next one, Blackie, who was feral and terrified my mother. But the third cat was called Fluff and I loved him so much. He was big, fluffy and black and white. I cuddled that cat on the garden swing and cried into his fur when things felt overwhelming. The smell of warm fur, feeling it tickle my nose and cheek, these memories are very precious to me.

As the years went by a succession of cats came, stole my heart and left. The sadness when one died or we had to have them put to sleep was raw and all encompassing. The size of the hole they left was far bigger than the size of the cat. We have three cats now - Bertie, who was broken and now is daft as a brush; Bonnie, who we adopted with her beautiful brother Clyde, much missed mummy's boy; and Pixie, the sweetest little black cat who loves to nibble fingers and toes and kisses us awake when she wants breakfast. They rule the house and rule my heart.

So to all the cats who shared my home and heart, thank you for the unconditional love you give. Thank you for bringing joy and sunshine to even the bleakest day. Thank you for living in my world for a while and letting me live in yours.

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