Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Re-vamping my writing process

As regular readers will know, I suffer from self-doubt about my writing. It took me a long time to embrace the name of writer and I still have to steel myself to introduce myself as a writer. Maybe that will get easier over time but I'm not holding my breath. However I know that I have this desire to write and it won't leave me alone until I do. But getting into good writing habits is something I have struggled with.

As if fated I saw a tweet about a webinar hosted by Michael Hyatt. He was promising to share tips for writing a book quickly and efficiently. Now I like a bit of instant gratification as much as the next girl so I was attracted and signed up. I even put the time in my planner! Which is unusual; I'm a great one for signing up for stuff and then forgetting it. So there I was yesterday, sitting at my laptop, earphones in, notebook and pen ready. And guess what? It was great! Admittedly some of the things covered were things I knew anyway - such as scheduling time for writing - but for some reason everything seemed to gel this time round. There was lots of useful information about planning that I hope to implement.

The upshot of all this is I'm going to try to re-vamp my writing process and see what happens. If it speeds things up and gets my creative juices flowing it'll be worth it. Watch this space ... 

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