Monday, 14 December 2015

Grey Monday

This morning when I woke up everything was grey.
It was dank and dark, a really grey start to the day. I looked in the mirror and a grey person looked back at me - not just the grey in my hair this morning but a grey look to my skin, dark circles under my eyes and a hangdog expression. Not a great start to the day.

I went to the supermarket and did my usual shop. There were Christmas decorations everywhere and it all looked bright and cheery. A friend was there and she told me it was her birthday. She looked really happy as I wished her a 'Happy Birthday' and my mood lifted a little.

I bought a birthday card and got glitter on my fingers - it's hard to stay gloomy with glitter on your hands, so I had a little inward smile.

As I walked home I bumped into an elderly gentleman who I often see and we exchanged cheery 'Good Mornings' as we passed. Later I was caught out with a bout of sneezing and a lady on a bike shouted 'Bless you!' Random acts of kindness which made me feel brighter.

As I walked along the path towards home several robins were singing, beautiful notes floating down from the trees, singing from sheer joy at being alive. Two magpies were squabbling in the tall willow, their creaking voices clear as they shouted at each other. A squirrel raced up a tree trunk, onto a branch and sat with his tail curled over his back.

Little things. Ordinary things. But they all reminded me that even on the greyest day there is beauty and joy to be found if we only stop and notice.       

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