Sunday, 28 December 2014

2014s Final Word

I've been a very lazy girl blog-wise this month but I thought I'd add a final Word of the Week for this year before resolving to be better next year!

My word is ...

Obviously lots of folk think about family at this time of the year so I guess I'm not alone in this being a #WotW.

This year my MIL visited for the festive season which is lovely although rather stressful in the run up to her arrival - I always feel that I have to hoover & dust everything! The luckily cats escaped this cleaning madness ...

On another note I found out just before Christmas that an aunt had died in the summer and no-one had told my sister or myself.  We now feel guilty and hurt that we were not able to pay our respects but I keep reminding myself that we weren't to know so it can't be helped now.

So there we are - the two sides of family.  Let's hope for more lovely family time next year.

Happy New Year, dear reader.

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  1. Lovely word, though that's a sad side to it, too. As you say, you couldn't possibly have known, so do try not to feel guilty, though it must still hurt. Glad you enjoyed the festivities, and hope your home passed the cleanliness test! Thanks very much for sharing with #WotW x