Friday, 7 November 2014

Word of the Week

Oh #WotW how you haunt me!  I never know which word to choose and feel so bad for all the words I've rejected!  A Twitter conversation with Jocelyn means I'm even more dithery this week but, hey ho, let's go ...

This week's word is


I've been putting things off again.  Last week I submitted my writing and am waiting to hear how it was received so I haven't had the focus of that to keep me on track. 

I've bought and washed the fabric for a skirt which is sitting unloved in a corner of the room waiting to be cut out and sewn.

Last week NaNoWriMo started and so far  I've managed a grand total of 1818 words - this means my 50,000 word novel will take until March next year to complete rather than getting done in November!

All this putting stuff off is so typical of me - so next week I need to pull my finger out, put my shoulder to the wheel and make those cliches work for me.


  1. Oh I can relate. I'm also a big procrastinator! Good luck with the writing :) #wotw.

  2. Ha ha - love that our chat put you off rather than galvanised you, so fitting with your word! 1818 is better than 1, so look at the positives, and I trust you're cutting that skirt out as I type this?! Good luck with the cliches ;-) Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. I am a massive procrastinator! I always spend about an hour deciding on a word then always end up changing